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Dr. Timothy Reed

  • Dr.
    Timothy Reed

    Born and raised in San Diego, Dr. Reed attended UCSD where he achieved his Bachelor of Arts in Biology. While at UCSD Dr. Reed decided he wanted to further his education and devote his life to helping others. He then began his chiropractic journey at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (LACC).

    After graduating from LACC in 1990, Dr. Reed headed back south to make San Diego the birth place of his Chiropractic career. He began practice at Torrey Pines Chiropractic Clinic as an intern in August of 1990 and continued practice there for the next 3 years. After gaining valuable experience at the Torrey Pines Clinic, Dr. Reed opened his own clinic in Sorrento Valley in 1993 where he continues to practice today.

    Dr. Reed has been outside faculty for several Chiropractic colleges which enables him to teach the art of Chiropractic to interns. Many of the interns have moved on to own successful practices under the valuable teachings of Dr. Reed.

    Dr. Reed treats every type of patient from the newborn baby to the grandparents who lift them. The superior care you will receive from Dr. Reed will begin with an initial consultation/exam to evaluate your condition and your healthcare needs and goals. Dr. Reed will then design a specialized treatment plan which will include: quality Chiropractic adjustments, traction, patient home care exercise instruction, postural evaluation and education, ergonomic evaluation and education and any necessary physical therapy modalities. With 30 years of experience Dr. Reed is here to help you achieve your greatest health potential.